"On a daily basis I admire the beautiful oak work in our bathroom and kitchen crafted by Ricky Burns. For 10 years I have asked my wife to stop putting so much weight in the silverware drawer and she keeps doing it and it keeps on working fine. It is a pleasure to have Ricky work in our house with his thoughtfulness to ask questions pertinent to the project and especially how clean and neat he is, cleaning on a daily basis. He uses the right amount of suggestion and makes sure you know all of the aspects of each change the owner brings up. I am looking forward to having Ricky finish off our recently purchased house as soon as we move in."
- Mark Brackett

"If you are in the market for fine furniture with unique custom designs and quality workmanship at a reasonable price we would, without question, highly recommend dealing with Ricky Burns' Fine Furniture. Ricky wants his customers to be happy with the end result and makes good suggestions to achieve this. We have had him build our kitchen cabinets as well as other pieces of furniture and we show them off with great pride."

"Ricky is a throwback to the craftsmen of old. He takes pride in his work and he works to please. The greatest insight I can offer is probably to simply say, I would not hesitate to use his services again."